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Courtesies and Costuming Discussion Topics
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A. Chivalry and Courtesy
    1) Explaining our Peerage
        a) Kings and Queens (how chosen, how recognized and how addressed)
        b) Counts and Countesses (how awarded, how recognized, and how addressed)
        c) Dukes and Duchesses (how awarded, how recognized, and how addressed)
        d) Barons and Baronesses (there are two types: Court and Landed; (how awarded, how recognized, and how addressed))
        e) Knights, Masters and Mistresses (how awarded, how recognized, and how addressed)

B. Getting Along in the SCA
    1) Common courtesies; how to deal with and address one another
    2) Bows and Curtsies, Kissing Hands, etc.
    3) Conduct at Events; personal belongings, drawing weapons, asking permissions, etc.
    4) The Royal Pavilion; bowing to the Throne and other details
    5) Unusual Customs; cloven fruits, the eric etc.
    6) Households and how they function; what to avoid in a household

C. Awards In The SCA. There are four levels of awards
    1) Local Awards. Baronial level only, awarded for Service, Martial Arts and Performance in an Art or Science.
    2) Kingdom Awards
         a) Grant level
            i) Order of the Gauntlet --- Martial Arts
            ii) Order of the Crescent of Caid --- Service
            iii) Lux Caidis --- Arts
        b) Award of Arms level
            i) Order of the Dolphin --- Service
            ii) Order of the Harp Argent --- Arts
            iii) Order of the Crescent Sword --- Martial Arts
            iv) Order of the Argent Arrow --- Archery
            v) Order of the Duelist --- Rapier
            vi) Award of Arms --- recognition by the Crown
        c) Society Awards
           i) Order of the Pelican --- Service
           ii) Order of the Laurel --- Arts
           iii) Knight of the SCA --- Martial Arts

D. Costumes and Costuming in the SCA
    1) Sources for ideas and beginnings
        a) Reference books and publications; general survey and specific study
        b) Specialty patterns; some ideas and examples
        c) Everyday patterns; some ideas and examples for conversion
    2) Getting Help (especially if you don't know how to sew): Guilds, Chatelaines and Costumers
    3) Choosing Cloth and Fabric Stores; what to avoid and how to buy
    4) Buying and Renting Costumes
        a) The Renaissance Faire: high prices and limited selection
        b) The Keys Office: Cheep but often limited by selection and fit
    5) Making your First (and it won't be your last) Costume
        a) Men: T-Tunics, Shirts, Jerkins, Proper Trousers, Footwear, Hats, Belts, and other Accessories
        b) Women; Shifts, Skirts and Blouses, Bodices, Tunics, Footwear, Hats, Belts, and other Accessories.
    6) Becoming and "Clothes Horse"; Creating newer (and better) Garb
        a) Field Garb to wear to events and wars
        b) Court Garb to wear to coronations, Twelfth Night and other grand events
    7) Scrounging; sources, bargains and great buys
        a) Where to look
        b) What to look for

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