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Course Outline for SCA Newcomers
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Who we are . . .

A legally chartered, non-profit, educational society whose aims are:

  • To reproduce and recreate the best aspects of the Middle Ages . . . the ideals of courtesy, chivalry, and honor.
  • We exist to keep alive the culture and society of the Middle Ages.
  • We exist to support study of the arts (such as dance, music, costume, crafts, etc.) of the Middle Ages.
  • We provide a forum for tournament-style combat and sport.

The SCA is 40 years old and consists of 20,000 to 30,000 people all over the world, all having fun and sharing the "Dream".

How are we organized . . .

The "Knowne World" is divided on a regional basis into 19 autonomous Kingdoms. The activities of the kingdoms are supervised and assisted by a Board of Directors (BoD).

The local Kingdom is known as Caid, geographically stretching from Fresno to the Mexican Border and includes Las Vegas and Hawaii. Caid is bordered on the North by the Kingdom of the West, and on the East by the Kingdom of Atenvelt.

Kingdoms are further sub-divided into smaller political (and regional) sub-divisions such as Baronies, Shires, Cantons, Colleges, Ports, Forts and Strongholds.

The local unit is your particular barony or shire.

  • A barony is held in fief by a Baron and Baroness for the Crown of Caid. A barony reports directly to the Crown.
  • A shire is held in fief by a Seneschal for the Crown of Caid. A shire also reports directly to the Crown A shire is often a unit on the verge of becoming a barony and, when it is felt they are ready, will petition the Crown and the BoD for permission to do so.

Within the barony and shire are the other smaller geo-political units referenced above.

  • Cantons are sub-groups within the barony or shire most frequently established because the baronial center is a long distance away. They report to the barony or shire, but can, at their choice, report directly to Kingdom.
  • Colleges are groups established on a college or university campus. They report to the barony or shire, but can, at their choice, report directly to Kingdom. Due to their abbreviated school year, colleges will have times when they don't report to their barony or shire. At those times they are "go dark", as in "the lights have been turned off".
  • Ports are groups established on naval vessels. They are a less formal group and can go "inactive" without loosing their standing. They report to the barony or shire.
  • Forts and Strongholds are groups established on either army or marine military bases. Like the Port, these groups can go "inactive" without loosing their standing. They report to the barony or shire.

Principalities are kingdom-sized groups with Princes and Princesses rather than Kings and Queens. It is the prerogative of a Principality to petition the BoD for Kingdom status when they feel the time is right. Commonly known Principalities are the Principality of the Sun, in the Kingdom of Atenvelt, and the Principality of the Mists, in the Kingdom of the West .

How the Society is Governed . . .

Each Kingdom has a King and Queen who are:

  • Chosen in Tournament Combat
  • Installed (crowned) at Coronation
  • Reign as Monarchs for six months (although this differs in some kingdoms)

Each Kingdom also has a Bureaucracy of about 15 officers partially consisting of:

  • The Seneschal --- Chief Administrator
  • The Earl Marshal --- Military, governing all combat sports
  • The Exchequer --- Treasurer
  • The Chatelaine --- Information
  • The Minister of Arts and Sciences (which may be separated into 2 offices)

Each Kingdom has a peerage, consisting of members of four groups:

  • The Knights (KSCA) --- Martial Arts
  • The Laurels (Order of the Laurel) --- Arts
  • The Pelicans (Order of the Pelican) --- Service
  • Order of the Rose --- Past Kings and Queens (who are not necessarily members of the above groups)

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