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Resource Links
Below is a categorized list of links that might be of use to you in your research and exploration of the SCA.  Please be advised that these links are NOT maintained by the SCA, the Kingdom of Caid, or the Newcomer's Guild.

SCA Related

  • SCA Juried Merchants List -- Maintained by

  • Links to merchants who cater to the SCA
  • Publications of Interest to the SCA -- Maintained by
  • News Groups and Mailing Lists
    • The Rialto (
      • FAQ for the Rialto -- Maintained by
      • Rialto Resident "Consultant" List -- Maintained by

      • People who have volunteered to answer questions on various topics, in order to reduce the number of basic questions posted to the rialto.
    • If you are looking of SCA mailing lists, check the Rialto FAQ, listed above.
    Research Resources
    • Laurel Education Page

    • This page is a directory of educational material regarding SCA Heraldry and the SCA College of Arms. The articles here should be of interest to submittors and beginning heralds in the SCA
      Medieval Name Links
    • Medieval Name Guides

    • A collectinon of articles on medieval and renaissance names, with a focus on helping newcomers choose their Society names
    • Academy of Saint Gabriel Library

    • Good for persona names (coming up with them) and miscellaneous SCA topics as well.
    Medieval Clothing
    • In-Depth General Garb Seminar

    • Men & Women's "T Tunics, construction, decoration and motifs, headcoverings, belts, and pouches
    • Women's Period Hats

    • A photo gallery of hats through history. There are no instructions, but this site can be used as a guide to what you would wear at what time in history. Then you can research the construction.
    • Articles of Interest by Cynthia Virtue

    • A series of articles on clothing, accessories and hair treatments of the middle ages. Well researched with photos of original clothing and guides to help you shop.
    • Build a Custom Dress Form

    • An article on how to build a custom dress form, originally run in "Threads" magazine.
    • The Cotehardie and Houppelande Webpage

    • A history and guide to cotehardies and houppelandes.
    Viking & Norse Links

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