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Chapter 2: Submitting a SCA Device

You are about to submit your name and device to the SCA College of Arms. Welcome to a tradition that goes back many years. This handout will explain what youíll need to do:

Prepare the forms

For the name form, fill in your own name, address, and such. The name on the first line should be your personal SCA name. The following line should be for the name youíre now submitting, if thatís different from your personal name: the name of a household, or an alternate persona.

Where the form asks for documentation, please supply the titles, authors and page numbers that document your name submission. If the reference you cite isnít in the Collegeís library, then youíll need to supply photocopies of the relevant pages (as well as the title pages of the book), with the pertinent passages highlighted.

For the armory form, fill in your name, address, and such, just as on the name form. (Make sure the name on the armory form matches the name on the name form!) Draw your armory in a dark ink, not pencil -- remember, this has to be photocopied. If you like, you can forego all the technical heraldic jargon; let your herald fill that in. If thereís some special artistic detail you want the scribes to know about ("I prefer metallic gold, not yellow"), write that under the notes to the artist.

Sign all your forms with your legal signature.

Now Make the Copies

How many copies do you need?

4 color armory forms. Thatís one for your local pursuivant, one for the Kingdom, one for the Laurel Sovereign of Arms and one more for the backup archives. See below left. (Make the copies first, and then color them!)

1 outline armory form, with nothing colored in, not even the black bits. See below right.

3 name forms. (Again, one for your local herald, one for the Kingdom, one for Laurel.) Three copies of the documentation too, please!

Keep all the originals for yourself.

colored in shieldnot colored in shield

How Much Does It Cost?
$10.00 per action. Thatís $10.00 for a name, $10.00 for a device, $10.00 for a badge. If you decide to do a badge later, you do not need to re-register your name! If for some reason something does not pass, you may resubmit for free until something does pass. Make checks out to SCA - Caid College of Heralds.

Revised by Master Bruce Draconarius of Mistholme, March 1998

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